Six winners

Three from Category A & Three from Category B

will win a


with fashion icons

Kittie Yiyi and Min Luna

Kittie Yiyi

There is no mistaking the vibrant and bold stylings of Kittie Yiyi. The innovative Fashion Designer, known for her over-the-top designs and adventurous use of colours.

In 2014, she founded her fashion label “Kittie Yiyi” and continues to serve as its creative director - introducing outrageous fun with each new piece she produces.

Kittie got her start in fashion at a young age, crafting her first outfits for her Barbie dolls out of old pillowcases and curtains. Ever since, she’s been hooked - unable to tear herself from the endless possibilities that fashion design offer her. There’s always something new and interesting to discover.

She’s a graduate of the Raffles College of Higher Education and debuted her first collection as a fashion designer at KL Fashion Week 2014.

Kittie believes that fashion inspiration can come from all around us and can sometimes show up in unexpected ways.

Kittie will be teaching our winners about the basics of fashion design. They will be able to explore different fabrics, designs, and techniques as well as try their hand at creating an outfit for their Barbie from start to finish!

Min Luna

Fashion Stylist to the stars, Min Luna, didn’t always know she’d have a career in fashion. It wasn’t until she found herself at a fashion magazine that her whole world was turned upside down. Since, Min has thrown herself into the wonderful world of fashion and she hasn’t looked back.

One of Min’s favourite aspects of fashion is the way it presents endless possibilities for creativity and experimentation. And it is that keen eye and her impeccable taste that landed her the gig of Creative Director at FashionValet.

In 2018, Min hit KL Fashion Week with her first collection, #NotFragile, launched in collaboration with FashionValet. The collection was a celebration of diversity and the spirit of embracing your body exactly the way it comes.

Fun, fashionable, and fearless - Min believes that there’s no end to personal style, you just gotta be open to where it’s gonna take you.

Min will be showing our winners how to start finding their personal style and sharing tips and tricks to get creative with the wardrobe they already have.


A REAL-LIFE version

of their designs

for themselves and their doll

Barbie Products & Merchandise

worth RM 10,000 in total

Runway Showcase Opportunity

All participants will receive certificates.